The Voice of Truth Announces: Good News~!

Oh look.

Honesty’s mun has given me a message.


Now the mun would like to apologize for this extended and unplanned hiatus.

The mun has wish for me to alert followers that they will be making a permanent return soon!

The mun will be upgrading and misses all the action very dearly, so their desire is that they may soon get back into updating. They would like to inform you that you must not wait long at all! When they return they will have a few surprises in store.

The exact date of their return is unknown. Please do not hold your breath or cease doing whatever it is that is required for you to stay living.

The message stops….as you can see the mun is not very good at messages like these, heh.

That will be all~

*hands you a pair of enchanted scissors*

Lies would like to thank you for the kind offering, but the enchantment of the strings is one only broken by virtuous magic, where in sharp objects do not hold any affect whether they be enchanted or not. Lies did not know this but I figured I should say so anyway. So now he knows. And now you know, dear anon. <3

Hehe So what do you think you're gonna do now?

He shrugs. He hopes to find a virtue who can help him remove the strings from his mouth. He’s….very eager to begin talking again. And moving his face. The power on the strings restricts him from telling any lies, and that includes lying with his expressions. He wishes to smile again.

Lies sits cross-legged on the ground and fiddles with the strings on his lips. They don’t heat up anymore since Miss Charity weakened them, but they are still too strong to be fully broken. If he were to gain some sort of amount of power then he could perhaps break them himself, but the strings themselves are what weaken him. He wonders if he could find another virtue who might help, but who would be willing to?

You get to stay for a week? Yay~~

Lies nods happily and bounces on his feet in glee.

m!a: For the next week you are to remain as the shadowy liar.

Oh he’s very happy he gets to stay longer! Honesty will not be so impressed when he gets back, but Lies is glad that he does not have to leave so soon. He wishes he could vocalize his gratitude. <3

Often a lie is the easiest option.... I may be guilty of quite a few...

He gives a nod. No being isn’t guilty of such. He would love to hear you tell him about it…so long as he is the only one to hear. You can be assured that he would not divulge such things to anyone, he likes it much better when the truth is never uncovered.

Lies, what /exactly/ is your relationship with Honesty? Were you once Human? If so, were you two related while Human? Do you have some sort of undyingUmbrage/uraniumUmbra thing going on?

He chuckles. Lies was never a human, no. He is what he is. His home is in the underworld, a demon of his word in every possible sense. His form is maintained there with very tight (metaphorical) binds restricting him. He can only really exist in this world due to the special occasion. Most of the personifications are considered brothers and sisters, but Honesty and Lies have a…strange relationship….he doesn’t wish for me to tell you much more, he would rather speak for himself.

Who is it that speaks for Lies for he cannot?

You may call me the Voice of Truth. I am simply a ethereal essence with no origin or true intentions. My meaning is to be a guide of sorts to others. I have chosen to accompany this little one as he explores outside the underworld on this day. It’s been fun so far! He has a funny little consciousness.


……You can take that as a yes.